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About Online Ordering and Channel Data Reporting

Welcome to the Adobe on line purchasing and channel reporting Website. Use this site if you would like to order Adobe Software, check the status of previously submitted orders, or submit channel inventory and point of sale reporting data. This site facilitates both the ordering and reporting processes through ease of use, speed, and accuracy. It also allows users to get updates on orders placed through the site.


Ordering Channel Reporting
Placing an Order How to Submit Channel Data
Changing SKUs or Quantities
Deleting Line Items
Saving an Order
Tracking your Orders
Running a Report
Saving a Report as a CSV File

Cancel an Order
Troubleshooting Orders

Placing an Order
To place an order:

  • Select Create Standard Order or Create Consignment Order based on the type of SKU/s that you are ordering. Fill in all required fields indicated by a red asterisk.
  • To add a line item, enter the SKU and quantity. Then click Update. The item description will be filled in automatically.
  • To enter more than ten line items, click Add More Items.
  • When you are finished adding line items, click Continue.
  • Review the Order Confirmation page. If you need to make any edits, click Back. When you are ready to submit your order, click Place Order.

Changing SKUs or Quantities

To change a SKU or a quantity, highlight the number and replace it with the desired number. Then click Update.

Deleting Line Items

To delete a line item, click the trash can icon next to the line item that you wish to delete.

Saving an Order

At any time during the ordering process, you can click Save for Processing Later to save your order and return to it later. Click Saved Orders under the Orders menu for a list of your saved orders.

Tracking your Orders

To track your orders, you can run the Open Order Report and the Shipment Tracking Report. The Open Order Report provides a report of all currently open orders. The Shipment Tracking Report provides shipment information for all orders that have shipped.

Running a Report
To run a report:

  • Click Open Order Report or Shipment Tracking Report under the Reports menu.
  • Fill in your Sold-to ID. Then click Select.
  • Fill in your desired search criteria. Then click Search. A list of your open orders will be displayed.

Saving a Report as a CSV File

After running the report, click Download to open it or save it as a .CSV file.

Canceling an Order

Unfortunately, we are not able to process order cancellations through the Adobe Channel Orders Website. To cancel an order that has not yet shipped, contact your Adobe Order Management Representative.

Troubleshooting Orders

If you are unable to access the ordering pages, you may be using a Web browser that does not allow secure connections. Please contact your Adobe Order Management Representative if you encounter this or any other trouble using the Adobe Channel Orders Website.

How to Submit Channel Data

Partners wishing to report inventory and point of sale data can use a Text tab-delimited template to upload their files via the Adobe Channel Order Website.

Using the Upload Option

The upload option is a simple method of utilizing the internet to deliver pre-formatted files to Adobe.

Partners choosing to upload with a template should first visit Adobe's EDI web site to obtain the templates and read the documentation regarding the process before they attempt to upload any reporting files.

Please note: To use the upload process, your browser must be JavaScript enabled**

After you have logged onto the Web site, do the following to "upload a file":

  • Select the "Import Inventory/Sales Data" link under the Upload option
  • Select the type of file (either Inventory or Point of Sales) under "File data type"
  • Click "Browse button" to locate the file you want to upload
  • Use the "Comments" field to enter additional comments on the file or general reporting information for example a holiday or that a file is a revised version
  • Complete all fields then click the "Upload" button
  • A confirmation pop-up box will appear once you have successfully uploaded the file. This "Confirmation" message provides transmission details including the type of file loaded and date and time file was sent to Adobe
  • You may want to keep the confirmation message for reference purposes.
  • Repeat steps 2 through 4 for the second file (either the Inventory or Point of Sale)

Note: If you have any issues uploading the files, please contact